There’s a new line of hourglass single pan blushes for summer and two new shades of hourglass bronzer (available now online and coming soon to stores)
I think we should start a petition to promote ice cream ? as a legitimate dinner option. because why not? It’s got protein and…calcium. It’s totally real food.

Thanks, Hourglass, for giving me an ice cream ? craving. All I can see when I look at these new bronzers and blushes from hourglass is ribbons of caramel in rich chocolate. Mmm …


A new line of hourglass blushes and two new shades of bronzer

Hourglass has some new things for summer, yay! This is epic news for me because they’re one of my all-time favorite high-end brands. Their products are pricey, but they work amazingly well, and they’re BEAUTIFUL. The brand carries things that you just can’t find anywhere else (like the Ambient lighting Blushes and their Vanish Seamless finish foundation Sticks).

Now there’s a new line of super shimmery blushes (although we have seen them in a palette before) called the Ambient Strobe lighting Blushes, which are $38 each and available in four shades, and two new $50 shades of Ambient lighting Bronzer, bringing the new total up to four.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe lighting blush in Incandescent Electra (left) and Euphoric fusion (right)
Hourglass Ambient Strobe lighting Blushes in Iridescent Flash (left) and brilliant nude (right)

And two new shades of hourglass Ambient lighting Bronzer in Diffused Bronze (left) and nude Bronze Light
BTW, here are the two O.G. existing shades of Ambient lighting Bronzer in luminous Bronze Light (left) and Radiant Bronze Light (right).
Remember the hourglass Ambient Strobe lighting blush palette from holiday 2016?

Hourglass released an LE blush palette over the holidays that had three of the four Ambient Strobe lighting Blushes (it didn’t have Iridescent Flash), but that was just a teaser, because now the singles are available in the permanent line, woo-hoo!


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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And there are four of them

There’s deep amber brilliant Nude, soft lilac Euphoric Fusion, vivid magenta Iridescent Flash and amazing peach Incandescent Electra. Each one has a powder blush swirled with an hourglass Ambient Strobe lighting Powder, which is the brand’s super shiny highlighter.

Incandescent Electra was previously available in the Ambient lighting blush family, but I think it was discontinued. I haven’t been able to find it, but this new Strobe version is slightly pinker and lighter than the non-Strobe version.

Strobe lighting Blushes from the top: brilliant Nude, Euphoric Fusion, Incandescent Electra and Iridescent Flash
Hourglass Ambient lighting blush vs. hourglass Ambient Strobe lighting Blush

Because of the names, it’s a little confusing, but the Ambient Strobe lighting Blushes are completely different than the Ambient lighting Blushes. The Strobes are the shinier, more glittery, more blingy option.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe lighting blush in Iridescent Flash
I’ve loved the Ambient lighting Blushes and have worn them for years. Frankly, I find their subtlety thrilling, LOL. Which I know is weird to say, but it’s what makes them so special. They look good in any situation — whether outdoors in direct sunlight or indoors under florescent lights.

Basically, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll have gorgeous cheeks bathed in a candlelight glow, and the finish doesn’t make my pores look bigger.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe lighting blush in brilliant Nude
Now, I think the Ambient Strobe lighting Blushes are better as “going-out” blushes, or as accent blushes, than they are as everyday blushes. Still, the shine is fabulously flattering. If you’re headed to dinner, a bar or a club, the shimmer will look fab in dim light.

For daytime, though, for me, if I’m just wearing one of these blushes on my cheeks, it’s a little too much shimmer, but hey, if you frequently rock an intense high-beam highlight on the daily, you might love it.

I definitely like these Strobe versions, too, but I’ll mostly use them as accents, like, layered atop another blush on the apple of my cheeks for an extra pop of shine and color.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light blush in Euphoric fusion (new)
The Ambient Strobes are just as long-wearing, pigmented and easy to blend as the non-Strobes, but they look completely different (more party-ready) on my skin.

Ambient Strobe Light blush in Incandescent Electra (new)
If you’re a lighter lovely, check out the two new bronzer shades

With these two new additions, that brings the total to four. now there’s a neutral bronzed nude called luminous Bronze Light and a amazing bronze called Radiant Bronze Light.

Hourglass Bronzers from the top in nude Bronze Light, Diffused Bronze Light, luminous Bronze Lightși lumină de bronz radiantă
Difuzat este opțiunea cooler-tonifiată și are un sărut de perla galbenă abia. Pe pielea mea, aproape arată Matte, în timp ce bronzul nud este mai cald, are Pearl de Aur și este mai intensă.

Cred că amândoi vor lucra minuni pe piele ușoară și medie.

Bronzatorul de iluminat ambiental al lui Hourglass în bronzul nud (Noua nuanță)
Bronzerul de iluminat ambiental al lui Hourglass în bronz difuzat (noua umbra)
Aplicați-le cu o perie de față mare, pufoasă

Trebuie să fiu real – când Hourglass a eliberat prima dată bronzers înapoi în 2015, mi-a plăcut … dar nu i-am iubit așa cum fac acum, pentru că mi-a luat un timp liniștit pentru a da seama că trebuie să-i aplice foarte mult Conservator cu o perie de față mare, pufoasă.

Bronzers sunt atât de pigmentați că, dacă utilizați o perie mică, dens, cu ei sau aveți o mână grea, veți ajunge cu obraji noroioși, portocalii, prea strălucitori.

Bronzerul de iluminat ambiental al lui Hourglass în bronz radiantă (umbra existentă)
Bronzer de iluminat ambiental în bronz luminos (umbra existentă)
Secretul? Deschideți-le ușor pe piele cu un cap de perie mare. Nu pot să subliniez suficient acest lucru!

Bună ziua, pretties!


Toate cele patru noi Blushes și ambele noi nuanțe de bronz sunt disponibile acum online în linia permanentă Hourglass ( și De asemenea, vin 5 mai la magazinele Sephora și contoarele de vierme.

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