The British are coming! That’s designs own Colour Chrome Eyeshadow combination ($19.99 as well as offered solely at Ulta)
Clearly, “someone,” a.k.a. yours truly :), needs to do some deep breathing in child’s pose, since “someone” spent the last five minutes obsessing over the name of this British makeup brand: designs Own.

Models Own. Hmm …


Ce înseamnă?? What does it stand for?? Do designs own the company?? Is it a metaphorical recommendation to designs figuratively having the runway? Does it mean that you have to be a expert design to rock the brand’s products?? great GRIEF, KAREN, CHILL.

Models own hails from the UK however just recently touched down on U.S. shores. They’re offered solely at Ulta stores as well as online, with eye, deal with as well as lip products.

They’ve got some attractive vibrant things, like the Colour Chrome Eyeshadow combination (which we’ll get to in a sec), as well as some neutral items, that variety from $7.99-$19.99 each, putting them in the higher-end drugstore cost echelon, up there with Sonia Kashuk as well as Pixi.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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Hey, great lookin’!
The designs as well as I… Well, we’re off to a rocky start.

My makeup-loving heart wished to adore the $19.99 Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Palette, since the cream shadows — oh, gosh — they feel fabulously dense as well as creamy like the MAC paint Pots, which I love, however are thinner, which I normally take as a great thing, since it usually suggests simple to blend as well as layer.

I always want to bring my paint Pots with me anywhere I go, however the clunky glass packaging discourages me. I had visions of gleefully scootin’ around town with this combination of 10 cream shadows as well as basically ruling the land. since the creams feel similar to MAC’s, I’d really hoped they would dry down completely, likewise like the paint Pots, however alas… ‘Twas not meant to be. They don’t dry down at all.

It’s okay if your eyes are open…

But when you close them…WHOA.
They stay creamy as well as wet. Normally, this is a look I’d be down for in a hot second, since I don’t mind cream shadows that move a little. I truly don’t! I like it when creamy lids look sorta rock ‘n’ roll, like you’ve been using your eye makeup for three days directly as well as have been having such a great time with the band that you can’t even bother. I believe it looks kinda cool. however this… It’s just as well messy.

The creams shift almost instantly on my lids as well as grab some areas more than others. as well as don’t even believe about layering several creams (which is what I did in this eye look here), since within five minutes, whatever is sloshed together into a big, hot mess.

After using this eye look for two hours, the shadow had all however disappeared. It was gone in what felt like the blink of an eye! Deci da. Not my favorite.


Even though things didn’t go well for me as well as this palette, I still have high really hopes for the brand’s other products. Gonna keep my toes as well as fingers crossed that their neutral palette, barely There, fares better. It gets extremely great reviews.

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