wearing make up For ever pro Light fusion Highlighter in 02 on my upper cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose (P.S. big hair don’t care)
Serious question: how did we survive without highlighter?

Sure, it’s not as vital as oxygen, food, Nutella, Netflix or water, but 10 years ago I didn’t even own a single highlighter, and now I have a drawer filled with them (all of which are necessary, of course).


And that drawer just keeps getting fuller and fuller. the current additions to it have been the stunning make up For ever pro Light fusion powder highlighters, which are $39 each and available now.

Basically, I think they’re epic. They have the same glossy, dewy finish as the MAC cream Colour Bases, which have a fabulously shiny highlighter finish that stops short of frosty, but they come in a incredibly fine powder formula instead of a cream.

Seriously, run a fingertip across one of the pans, and you can’t even see the grains!


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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I still love me some MAC CCB (especially Hush; it’s my jam), but I have room in my heart for best powder highlighters like these, which have a bit a lot more oomph on my skin than MAC’s creams.

Also, if you love the wet finish that you get with the MAC CCBs (or, really, cream highlighters in general), but, for whatever reason, creams slip ideal off (it happens with oily skin a lot), these MUFE pro Fusions might be an option for you because the powder grains really stay put on the skin.

Swatches of the make up For ever pro Light fusion Highlighters in 01 (top) and 02 (bottom)
Plus, hi! — that gorgeous, glossy glow…

It may be a lot more accurate to call them opalescent. They shimmer, but the shimmer is a step up from the hourglass Ambient Powders, and a step down from the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector pressed Highlighters, which places them roughly halfway between “Wait, are you even wearing highlighter?” and “Hello, I can see your highlighter from across the golden gate Bridge!”

If you’re wondering why you must bother with a mid-level shimmer highlighter like this one, well, they really help with the big pore situation, I’ll tell you that much. No O.T.T. frosty highlighters for this girl. (At least, not until a appeal genius invents a permanent pore-shrinking solution… somebody get on that, ASAP!)

Make Up For ever pro Light fusion Highlighter in 01

Make Up For ever pro Light fusion Highlighter in 02
There are two shades. 01 is a golden pink, which looks like liquid opal on the skin, and 02 is a yellow gold. MUFE says that 01 is for light-to-medium skin tones, while 02 is for medium-to-dark skin tones, but if you happen to fall in love with a shade not made for you, just wear it anyway! The higher contrast will only make it a lot more obvious, and that might be a good thing, especially if you like drama!

Apparently, I’m 18 years old and 5’7″…

I flat-out love (probably a little too much) taking those random quizzes online that tell you, like, what type of cat you’d be if you were a cat (Persian, Siamese or Ragdoll?), or which celebrity is your appeal soulmate, or weather you would get along with Taylor Swift.

I just love ’em, and I think it’s because I spent my teen years in the ’90s, when you could open up a appeal magazine and always find a nonsensical quiz in the back. and they were always incredibly fluffy and nowhere near accurate, but they were fun.

Anywho, a few weeks ago I took this one on Buzzfeed (they have the best random quizzes) titled, “Pick An Outfit, and We’ll guess Your exact Age and Height.”

You had to choose from among different items to make your outfit (tee shirt, pants, jewelry, etc.), and I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but…

According to Buzzfeed, I dress like I’m 18 years old and 5’7″ (I’m not).


Maybe this is the universe trying to tell me I need to step up my leggings game?!


Here’s the quiz if you want to take it, and if you do take it, you have to tell me what you got.

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