As an official member of the worldwide Consortium of feline Ladies, I have to state that this feline on Paul & Joe’s new Protecting pressed Powder blush in 0401 (coming later this month to Paul & Joe counters as well as is the most handsome tabby ever understood to feline woman kind, as well as I’ve seen some handsome tabbies in my day.

But the worldwide feline woman Consortium has spoken, as well as it’s unanimous. This feline is the handsomest feline ever. Din toate timpurile.


About the blush now, can we just talk? This blush: amazeballs. It’s a peachy pink powder blush, which, I know, you’re rolling your eyes thinking, “Karen, OMG, b*tch! You’ve used so many peachy pink powder blushes,” however this — gurl, this is a peachy pink powder blush with neutral undertones, as well as it is so difficult to discover one with truly neutral undertones.

I don’t care what your skin tone is. You might be the palest princess, you might be the most bronzed bahama babe, you might be a freaking green-@ss alien from Mars, as well as this blush will look great.

OK, one, it puts the universal in universally flattering, as well as two, it’s like a wonderful makeup eraser that removes all of the pores on your cheeks. when I put this on — as well as I only requirement one layer — my cheeks look straight-up like a baby’s butt, as well as not a dirty-@ss baby’s butt, since that’s not exactly how I roll. This is a clean-@ss, smooth infant butt, like from one of those commercials, as well as it smells good, too. It smells like Paul & Joe’s common yummy floral chrysanthemum/jelly beans/all-kinds-of-goodness-in-a-pan scent.


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$ 42.

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It likewise lasts a truly long time, as well as I don’t just mean a truly long time. I conducted a extremely scientific test yesterday. I put it on in the morning, worked all day, then ran tasks in the afternoon, as well as when I got home, I took a hardcore nap on the couch, like, so hardcore, dog. So hardcore. put the blanket on top me as well as everything.

Swatch of Paul & Joe Protecting pressed Powder blush in 0401

Wearing Paul & Joe Protecting pressed Powder blush in 0401 on my cheeks

Then Tabs climbed on top of me, as well as I turned over as well as started drooling and, like, drool went down my cheeks. then Tabs started scrubing his deal with on my face, as well as next thing you know, I get up thinking, “Oh, my blush will be gone. One side of my cheeks will be peachy as well as one side won’t,” however both sides were totally peachy. Freshly peachy. As fresh as they were that morning.


All in all, this is most likely my holy grail blush of all time. I believe I’m gonna pick up three or four backups. It is that good. It is that hardcore. as well as it’ll be offered this month for $45 at Paul & Joe counters as well as watch out for it, online for it, like it.

PRICE: $45
AVAILABILITY: Coming this month to Paul & Joe counters as well as
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: A+++

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