Paul & Joe autumn 2015 Lipstick CS (three new restricted edition shades, $20 each)
To state that I’m wonderful on these three new restricted edition autumn lipsticks as well as refillable lipstick situations from Paul & Joe would be both a grievous understatement of ridiculous proportions, as well as incredibly apt, because, hello! — TEH KITTEHS.

But likewise since the lipsticks are magically made/manufactured utilizing an old Japanese candy-making method called Kintarō-ame, which includes layers of candy (or makeup) rolled together. In this case, the innermost cylinder is shaped like a feline’s face.


Which is wondrous, delightful as well as incredibly amazing.

The candy-making process likewise means that the interior kitty tubes are still visible all the method down to the bottom of the bullets — a truth that greatly pleases my makeup-obsessed, cat-loving heart.

The three new $20 Paul & Joe autumn 2015 Lipsticks CS from the left in cafe Parisien 093, Coffee Cherry 094, cafe Espresso 095; as well as the $7 Lipstick situations CS from the left in 030, 020 as well as 028

Lipstick CS components as well as benefits

Cocoa Seed Butter — Emollient

Jojoba Seed Oil — Emollient

Lavender Oil — Emollient

Orange flower Water — Moisturizer

White Lily Extract — moisturizer as well as avoids irritation

I likewise believe it’s extremely great exactly how the center feline cylinders blend so well with their surrounding lipstick colors as well as exactly how the two punchier tubes — Coffee Cherry 094 (the red with a nude beige in the center) as well as cafe Parisien 093 (the hot pink with a milky beige in the center) — produce a subtle gradient impact when you apply them.


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$ 42.

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But for the gradient impact to truly work well, you have to abstain from scrubing your lips together, which is something I impulsively do. Not the end of the world, though, since I likewise like exactly how these look when they’re mixed together.

Paul & Joe autumn 2015 Lipstick CS in Coffee Cherry 094
Paul & Joe autumn 2015 Lipstick CS in cafe Parisien 093
Paul & Joe autumn 2015 Lipstick CS in cafe Espresso 095
Please note the tabbies
And let me tell ya, it is difficult to not rub my lips together when I wear these since of exactly how great they feel. They’re smooth as well as incredibly moisturizing (I half expected to see catnip among the listing of ingredients).

Much like the MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils, they feel slick as well as light (but still extremely moisturizing), as well as I’m a huge fan of the old-fashioned flavor as well as scent, which remind me of the French violet difficult candies my granny would get me from the Oriental store back in the day (NOM).

Wear time-wise, they’re once again similar to the MAC Patentpolishes. I get about two or three hours.

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS in Coffee Cherry 094
Paul & Joe Lipstick CS in Espresso 095
Paul & Joe Lipstick CS in cafe Parisien 093
Paul & Joe autumn 2015 Lipstick CS swatches from the left: Coffee Cherry 094, cafe Parisien 03 as well as cafe Espresso 095


The Paul & Joe Lipstick CS bullet refills (from the gold tube part as much as the wax bullets) are $20 each, as well as the refillable Lipstick CS situations (the bottom part of the tube as well as the cover) are $7 each. They’ll be offered for a restricted time on the internet as well as at Paul & Joe counters August 2015.

PRICE: $20 for every of the three autumn lipsticks as well as $7 for every case
AVAILABILITY: restricted edition, coming August 2015 to Paul & Joe counters as well as online
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: A- (super adorable as well as moisturizing, however a restricted wear time)

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