The health spa on the Plaza at the Portola hotel & health spa in Monterey, California
If I could, I would go to a health spa every single day of my life. They’re quiet, they odor good, you get to walk around in a robe as well as slippers, as well as somebody takes care of you, instead of the other method around. For a great hour, you don’t have to concern about anything, as well as sitting around for long blocks of time is thought about completely OK. You can just sit there as well as zone out…

Going to a health spa is one of those treats I like to provide myself when or twice a year, particularly when I travel, as well as on my trip to Monterey last weekend, I popped on over to the health spa on the Plaza at the Portola hotel & health spa for a prenatal massage (in a nutshell: it was great!).


Incidentally, when you’re a expecting lady, the prenatal massage is quite much your only massage choice if you can’t lay flat on your tum, however it works many of the majorly sore spots, like your back, hips as well as feet.

The health spa reception area
If you go to the health spa on the Plaza, as well as I hope you do, request Ashleigh. She has outstanding hands, as well as she’s very nice. Seriously, her hands were among the very best parts of my trip.

Beauty products galore!
While I sat in the Relaxation space (that’s really what it’s called), I got to believing about the things that produce a successful health spa visit. If you have a health spa day in your future, right here are some things to believe about…


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1. get there early

The Relaxation Room…
Most spas suggest that you show up at least 15 minutes before your appointment, however I suggest a full hour or two — perhaps even three, depending upon the spa’s facilities as well as exactly how stressed you’re feeling.

Serios. very first of all, you don’t want to be stressed as well as rushing to make a health spa visit (kind of defeats the purpose, yo!). You want to get there with lots of time to inspect in, inspect out the facilities, as well as provide yourself a long time to unwind (possibly even take a nap).

Research the spa’s facilities on the internet or by calling them on the phone before you go. That way, you can take advantage of any type of additional niceties they may have, like heavy steam spaces as well as pools.

Steam space directly ahead!

The women’s locker room

If I get there early, I’ll utilize the heavy steam room, if the health spa has one (although I can’t best meow since they’re not recommended for infant Girl), take a dip in the pool, or slip in a nap in one of the peaceful rooms.

Most spas typically likewise have a elegant shower with, like, very jets of water that spray at you from all sides (OH, SO GOOD), as well as I’ll typically save those for after one of the health spa treatments.

One of the showers… There was likewise a showerhead above that didn’t make it into the picture
Baby woman as well as I getting prepared for our prenatal massage
Point is, provide yourself looooooooots of time to relax.

2. figure out your food situation

What’s the food sitch?
I feel such as this is an frequently overlooked however extremely essential part of the health spa experience, since I’ve been to spas as well as have been freaking HONGRAY AS ALL HELL, which dampens the experience. count on me, achieving zen isn’t simple when your tummy is rumbling.

Hot tea as well as ice water with lemon
I believe it’s extremely essential to discover out in advance if the health spa you’re going to has food, so you can eat accordingly. Some spas offer light snacks, like fruit as well as nuts, however some stay with drinks (like iced lemon water as well as hot tea).

Some bigger locations have a menu as well as serve light dishes like salads as well as appetizers.

3. If anything isn’t working for you during your session, let your health spa tech know

I discovered this lesson the difficult way: if anything isn’t working for you, be vocal about it. A health spa go to is a special treat, so you ought to delight in it. If you have to, walk out, even if it’s in the middle of a massage or other session, as well as ask to speak to a manager.

I utilized to accept bad service or other unpleasant problems to be polite, however all it ever did was make me stressed out as well as grumpy, which is the precise opposite of the feeling you want when you go to a spa.

4. inspect to see if you can utilize regular flier miles

Some spas enable you to utilize regular flier miles, so if you’ve got some on your card, utilize those poor young boys to hit up a spa!

5. Leave your phone in your locker

Or, if you have to bring it with you, only utilize it to take silly selfies, not for answering emails or publishing on social media. truly utilize the time to unplug for a while as well as relax.


Sper că aceste sugestii vă ajută să aveți o experiență spa de sănătate fantastică. O să văd la spa!

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