Tarte spring 2014…here’s to brighter days!

What a excellent word.


Ravishing never goes out of style, ya know? “She had ravishing, radiant skin.”

That just seems great.

Tarte’s new spring 2014 collection has some restricted edition skincare products developed to produce precisely that — someone/something ravishing — with pieces to brighten dull, winter season skin.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

Here’s to brighter days (she called, increasing her coffee cup in the air)!

restricted edition Supersize Maracuja Oil ($75)

Limited edition Supersized 3.4-ounce Maracuja Oil ($75)
I try to always have a bottle of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil in my bathroom, as well as I utilize it for a lot of things, like taking off hard-to-remove long-wearing makeup, moisturizing the dry patches on my cheeks as well as hydrating my shredded carrot-like cuticles.

Even El Hub likes it. He utilizes it as a shave oil because, apparently, it’s the only thing that doesn’t irritate his sensitive guy skin (awww!).

The Supersized 3.4-ounce Maracuja bottle next to a regular-sized 1.7-ounce one
Brace yourself for sticker shock, though, as the additional big restricted edition bottle costs a whopping $75 (!). But, thinking about that the regular-sized 1.7-ounce bottles expense $46 apiece, if you’re a maracuja oil maven, it’s a quite great deal…and you can likewise re-purpose the adorable restricted edition box for something else, like storing brushes or lipglosses.

restricted edition Maracuja C Brighter Eye Treatement ($38)

Limited edition Maracuja C Brighter Eye Treatement ($38)
Look at that jar! I provide it additional points for cuteness. I like the style on the cap of Maracuja C-Brighter Eye treatment ($38). It’s a brightening eye cream with a hold of helpful-sounding ingredients, like vitamin C, rice bran, mango as well as coconut, as well as oat sugar. It’s expected to brighten, smooth as well as tighten skin as well as — you understand — do a whole hold of excellent things, like decrease fine lines as well as dark circles over time. Imi place. I utilize everything the time to prep my eye area for makeup. It sinks in quickly, which is nice, as well as does a great task of de-puffing my lids.

Does it make my fine lines as well as dark circles go away? Uh…not yet, as well as I don’t understand if it will. however then, I am not extremely great about committing to the exact same eye cream for the weeks as well as months it typically takes to find a difference with products that make awesome-sounding claims.

Tarte bright By night Skincare discovery set ($10, a Sephora exclusive)

Tarte bright By night Skincare discovery set ($10, a Sephora exclusive)


This bit cutie, the Tarte bright By night Skincare discovery Set, is a Sephora special that includes travel-sized versions of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil as well as C-Brighter Eye treatment for $10.

The bottles are tiny…but $10 seems like a great deal. You’d never have to leave house without your Tarte skincare faves.

Tarte’s To Brighter Days spring 2014 skincare products are offered now on the internet as well as at Sephora as well as Ulta stores.