Gleaming glitter
What can you do with the new MAC shiny pretty holiday 2018 collection, and why should you be interested? That’s the $64,000 question. this week I’m trying to figure it out by wearing the collection in different looks. yesterday was my first one, and here’s the look I did today, this one with glittery eyeshadow.

Day #2 of “Getting to know the MAC shiny pretty things holiday 2018 Collection.”

Wait — let me rephrase that. It’s day #2 of “Glitter-Palooza 2018!” because there’s a lot of glitter in this release, and there are five shiny pretty shadows for $21 each.


The focal point of this look is shimmery olive Make a Wish.

MAC Make a wish shiny pretty Shadow

I’ve been loving on MAC since roughly the Cretaceous Period, and I’m pretty sure these shiny pretty shadows are a new formula, as in not seen before (at least not in my recollection).

The first thing I notice when I touch Make a wish with my finger is how much it feels like the MAC pressed Pigments from Heirloom mix 2014 holiday and summer 2013. It’s almost as soft as a cream, but it’s still a dry powder, and it feels ever-so gritty (but it’s so not annoying), probably from the glitter.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

The flecks come in different shapes and sizes, and because they aren’t uniform, it’s like looking at shattered glass. I think it’s very cool and NOT subtle. You can definitely see this glitter from across a small room, and it looks purposeful, like a fashionable fairy floated by and sprinkled magic dust on your face. Also, you can’t really see it in these pics, but there are a few random pieces of glitter sitting on top of my lids and my cheeks. It’s more obvious when I turn my head side to side. I can see how some folks might not like this effect, but I do. It’s not loud, and the glitter bits aren’t so big that they veer into tacky territory.

Regarding the uneven-ness of the pieces, a.k.a. the grit, the glitter doesn’t hurt or bother my sensitive eyes in any way. My eyes don’t water at all, which is something because normally everything makes me tear up.

It’s enough to do a look with just the shadow alone, or you could layer it on top of other eyeshadows, which is what I did here.

I’m wearing Make A wish on top of shimmery olive MAC extra dimension Eyeshadow in Silver Dawn, which is a shimmery olive. I tapped it directly on top with a flat eyeshadow brush. Then, I loaded the brush up with more eyeshadow, wet it with MAC Fix+, and dabbed it in the center to intensify the glitter and the shine effect.

Make a wish is definitely worth a look, especially if you wear greens, khakis and olives.

There are lots of pressed glittery eyeshadows out there that are mostly glitter suspended in a sheer powder base (good for pressing on top of an existing base of eyeshadow to add more dimension and complexity to an eye look, like urban Decay Moondust shadow in diamond Dog), but this isn’t like that.

Make a wish has an opalescent base (although it isn’t shiny like a frost), and it’s pigmented, but it’s definitely not opaque. It has an edge to it, but it still looks approachable, I think. It’s surprisingly wearable. If it were a full-on, frosty opaque shadow, I probably wouldn’t like it as much. It would be too much for my 40-something-year-old @ss. LAUGH OUT LOUD! Whereas this seems like juuuuust the right amount of shine and pigment for a slightly special occasion…so like dinner and a movie or a shopping date with your BFF.

As for the rest of what I’m wearing, everything in this look is MAC. There’s studio fix foundation in NC42 mixed with Strobe cream (worn as a base and under my eyes), Saddle Eye Shadow, Fleur Power blush and Babetown Lipstick (also from the shiny pretty things Collection) on top of spice Lip Liner.


I’ll have swatches up soon, but the other shadows look and feel similar.

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