MAC Bangin’ fantastic Eyeshadows in Up At Dawn, Suspiciously Sweet, Fashion’s field Day, I’m into It, Oh My Mocha! and Ruddy
Can I just raise my crazy cat lady coffee cup to you for your terrific guidance in the comments on this post the other day? mulțumesc!

I read every single comment, and I’ve just been thinking about them and taking everything you said to heart.


Honestly, sweets, what would I do without you? For all of these years… I don’t even know. From makeup guidance to baby guidance to keeping my head above water. mulțumesc! Esti minunata.

MAC Bangin’ fantastic Eyeshadows in Shock Factor, new Crop, Teal Appeal, In The Shadows, Zinc Blue and how Royal
So like I said, I’ve been taking everything you said to heart, and last weekend I just did what I could handle, which was 20 minutes using some non-neutral shadows.

I used two from the new MAC Bangin’ fantastic collection — which, yeah, you may have discovered that bright teal and that neon yellow waving at you from across the room up there, LOL! — and gave myself 20 minutes.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

I told myself, “You know what? If it turns out sloppy, fine. I haven’t done any fancy blending in a while, so whatever happens, happens. Nici o presiune.”

And this is what happened! I ended up with a lightly smoky, sort of purplish, coralish shimmery look. and even though I could’ve done it better, and the perfectionist in me is kind of poking me in the ribs, at least I did it, ya know? At least I tried something a little ambitious this time, and I’m pleased about that.

Wearing MAC Fashion’s field Day Eyeshadow on my inner lid and Oh My Mocha! Eyeshadow on my outer lid; on my lips I’m wearing NARS Lodhi
So, the shadows here — part of MAC Bangin’ fantastic — they launched last month at select MAC locations and online. The release was called a “collection” (airquotes), but really, it was mostly just an introduction to some bright new Eyeshadows, Dazzleshadows, Powder Blushes and Lipsticks that were added to the MAC permanent line.

Here are pictures of 12 of the 14 eyeshadows, which are $16 each.

The underlying (albeit in your face) theme here is brights, and one of these days, hopefully soon, I’ll get that shimmery teal shadow, Teal Appeal, on my lids.

MAC Bangin’ fantastic Eyeshadow swatches from the left in Up At Dawn, Suspiciously Sweet, Fashion’s Filed Day, I’m into It, Oh My Mocha! and Ruddy

I used two of the Bangin’ fantastic shades for this look — Fashion’s field Day, which is like a pinkish coral; and Oh My Mocha!, which is a purplish brown — and I didn’t really have any trouble with them with fallout or blending or anything like that.

I can’t even begin to tell you how fast I whipped those shadows on there because there was no need to do any cleanup. then again, these are shimmers, which are typically (always) much simpler to blend than mattes. They just are.

MAC Bangin’ fantastic Eyeshadow swatches from the left in Shock Factor, new Crop, Teal Appeal, In The Shadows, Zinc Blue and how Royal
So this is just to say thank you for your advice! I’m taking it easy on myself, ya know, trying not to push myself too hard, but it sure was good to do something other than the same old winged liner, neutral lids and nude lip I’ve been wearing so much because Connor Claire was born.

Multumesc, multumesc, multumesc! I can’t say it enough.

Radio find!

Oh! Something else I practically forgot to mention. Last weekend I spent a lot of time listening to my new favorite radio station (102.1 “the throwback station,” LOL!).

SERIOUSLY, SO OBSESSED. Basically, they play old-school hip-hop.

Granted, not all of the songs they play are from way, way back, like, some of them are only two or three years old, but that’s OK! I’m fine with that.

The other day I heard them play SWV, then The Fugees, OMG! Eram atât de fericit. So yeah, if you like that old-school hip-hop, check it out. You can stream it online, which I’m stoked about.


On that note, I leave you with this song, an old-school throwback that has been stuck in my head for days, and now it’ll get stuck in yours, mwhahaha!

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