Tonight, on a extremely special 300th installment of Sundays With Tabs, Karen of makeup as well as beauty blog (and PawsTV) sits down with the feline kahuna himself, world famous kitty supermodel Tabs, to discuss the controversy surrounding his new television show (Game of feline Thrones), his feud with Choupette, his like life (is Snowball the one?), his tradition as well as his future plans.

KAREN: very first of all, Tabs, let me just state that I’m a huuuuge fan of your work, as well as that’s not just since you’re my employer. say thanks to you so much for agreeing to do this interview. I understand you’re super busy.

So tell me — what’s new with you? exactly how are things going in the world of Tabs?


TABS: Good, good. Well, as you know, I’ve been aggressively transitioning from the bridge to television as well as movies this year.

KAREN: Right! This season of game of feline Thrones has been off the chain. My other half as well as I are obsessed. We spent four hours today speaking about — oh, I don’t want to expose any type of spoilers.

TABS: You wouldn’t want to do that. fans are crazy about the show, particularly for my character, Tabby Baratheon, the very first of His Name.


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KAREN: Ooh! I like the feline politics as well as intrigue. Was it difficult for you to get into the role?

TABS: No, not really. I drew a great deal from my personal life. There’s great deals of drama as well as politicking within the high-stakes world of kitty modeling, so…

KAREN: speaking of drama, what’s going on with you as well as Chaupette? I hear rumors… care to set the record straight?

TABS: Well, I respect Chaupette Lagerfeld as well as have a excellent connection with Karl as well as The home of Chanel, however we’re just totally different cats.

Some cats have to claw their method to the top, while others are completely comfortable riding on somebody else’s coattails. Let’s just leave it at that.

KAREN: Alright, however people want to know. Did you take the function from her?

TABS: No, I just believe the much better feline got the job.

KAREN:Fair enough. new topic now — do you believe your previous life as a stray kitten on the mean streets of Mill Valley prepared you for the cat-eat-cat world of kitty modeling?

TABS: Definitely. I didn’t have a famous last name — or really any type of last name for that matter. I developed my empire one kitty scratch at a time.

KAREN: Your empire. What about legacy? Is that likewise important to you at this stage in your life?

TABS: Sure. I believe all driven cats want to look back on their lives as well as say, “I made a difference in this world.” I hope to influence young kitties as well as older cats — anybody who wishes to chase their dreams. I want them to understand that they have the power to make a positive effect on the world, whether it be with kitty modeling or academia or whatever path they choose.

KAREN: Do you feel you’ve made a difference?

TABS: I’d like to believe so. You see more plus-size cats on the runway now, so that’s one thing that has come out of my work, however I’m likewise extremely proud of my foundation, Furr-ever Homes, which discovers stray cats as well as kitties rewarding work environments with qualified pet assistants.

KAREN: It seems like philanthropy is important to you. Do you see yourself retiring as well as focussing on that any type of time soon?

TABS: The believed has crossed my mind, however I’m not rather there yet. There are still things I’d like to achieve on the planets of kitty modeling as well as entertainment.

KAREN: Oh, really? precum ce? any type of hints into your future plans?

TABS: Let’s just state that I may have to broaden my personnel of expert pet assistants soon. things are about to get hectic at Tabs the feline markets LLC.

KAREN: Ooh, mysterious… Come on, just one bit hint?

TABS: I can’t officially state anything yet since my attorneys would have a fit, however I can state that cats around the world will be looking a great deal more stylish soon.

KAREN: Interesting. OK, exactly how about your like life, Tabs? Seeing anyone special these days? **cough** Snowball? **tuse**

TABS: Snowball as well as I are excellent friends. I have a great deal of respect for her as well as enjoy her business extremely much.

KAREN: You were photographed by the French paparazzi on your yacht in the Riviera with her. She must be a truly great friend.

TABS: She is.

KAREN: Anything else? Are you ever gonna put a sound on that?

TABS: next topic please.


KAREN: Well, that’s all the time we have today. say thanks to you once again for doing this, Tabs. It’s been a genuine pleasure. I’ll see you back at the office.

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