Girl, I’m an equal opportunity lust-er.

Ha ha ha! I don’t even know if that makes sense… In addition to makeup and hair products and skin care and nail polish and everything else that you can shove into your basket at Sephora, I lust after clothes, and the urge is particularly strong at the beginning of a new season, because I’m thinking, “Oh, the weather’s changing! I need to update my wardrobe.”


I mean, “need” in this case is completely in air quotes, because I’m not walking around in my birthday suit or anything, but ya know, I’d like a few updates, because I’m kind of exhausted of wearing the same t-shirts over and over again. ever because I KonMari’d my closet, which happened shortly before I got pregnant with Connor, the same five t-shirts and two pairs of pants that I’ve been able to shoehorn myself into have been in stable rotation, and I’m feeling the itch to switch things up ASAP.

Lista de pofte, voi. 3: stuff I Kinda Want

Madewell Fleet jacket ($118) — I’m lusting after this Madewell jacket so hard! I have something similar that I got from loft a few years ago, but it’s a little too big for me, so I look like a kid dressing up in her mother’s clothes when I wear it.
And in your 40s, that’s not a good look.

The Madewell version looks a bit shorter, much more streamlined, and I really like the zippered pocket in the front.

Madewell stripe Recycled Cotton Ringer Tee ($32) — This striped tee is also from Madewell. I have two black-and-white striped t-shirts from loft that I got 50% off a couple seasons ago, but both of them have holes already, gah.
I want this as a replacement shirt… I like the black detailing around the neck and sleeves.

Do you have any Madewell tees in your closet? Are they, in fact, made well?

Athleta Knot Zephyr tank ($49) — I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on the Athleta website, and gosh, they have a lot of cute (but reeeeeeally expensive) workout clothes.
I’m crushing on this mint green tank top. It’s from their line of very soft clothing, and I’m into very soft. I like how it drapes (I don’t like tight workout tops), and THE KNOT ON THE FRONT IS SO CUTE.

Athleta Estuary Aqualuxe Swim dress ($79) — They also have swim dresses. cine stia? You can actually swim in ’em (I think you have to add your own bottoms, though).
I’d like this dress for actually wearing as a dress, but I can’t say that I’m averse to the idea of being able to jump into a body of water in it at a moment’s notice.

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle and Lilac path Eau de Parfums ($115 each) — So, I know that it seems #basic to wear floral fragrances at the beginning of spring, but I don’t care, because Aerin does awesome florals. Her scents remind me of Tocca in that they’re light and pretty and not too in your face. Mediterranean Honeysuckle and Lilac path sound like beautiful spring updates, don’t you think?

Sephora Mixology Eyeshadow palette ($34) — I mostly like this palette from Sephora because of the design, LOL!

Stila splendid Metals ($24 each) — I swatched some Stila splendid Metals on the back of my hand while wandering around Ulta a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to get them off my mind.
So glittery! So sparkly! I wouldn’t be crushed if one or two found their way into my life…

Urban Decay meltdown makeup remove Lip Oil Stick ($18) — Does one really need a separate makeup remover just to take off long-wearing lipstick?
Naw, but this one from urban Decay is clear! I don’t know why, but I find this endlessly fascinating.


What’s on your lust list, babe? Clothes, makeup, shoes, books, technology, accessories, pet accessories?

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