The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes ($16 each, offered in three shades)
What up, queen bee? Hai! What’s the buzz on The Body Shop’s new Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes? Are they sweet?

Honey, I’ll tell ya.


LAUGH OUT LOUD! OK, that’s sufficient with the bee puns. Mă voi opri.

Uh…what they heck are these things?

These three $16 shimmery cream highlighters are new from The Body shop as part of the Honey Bronze summertime collection. I’m not sure if they’re restricted or long-term edition, however I’ve got my honey bee feelers out… My appeal antennae. I must understand soon.

Of the three shades, 01 is a shimmering champagne (good one for pale princesses), 02 is a shimmery peachy pink with golden shine (good for all skin tones), as well as 03 is a warm, shimmery golden bronze (probably the very best one for darker divas).

They all have a extremely light honey fragrance, which I can’t truly even odor unless I get my nose up in there…and yes, if you do this, you may end up inadvertently highlighting the idea of your nose, LOL!

Silky… They feel like a thinner, somewhat wetter NARS several to me.

They’re offered now on the internet as well as at The Body Shop.

The Body shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes, clockwise from the lower left in 03, 01 as well as 02

How do they work? Are they challenging or simple to use?


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

Just twist off one of the caps, apply the highlighter directly to your cheeks and/or face, as well as blend with fingers.

But they’re extremely sheer! as well as glittery! There’s mainly shimmer as well as barely any type of color there, however I believe that’s type of the point. These are minimalist makeup morsels for summertime, with the concept being bronzed skin with sheer color on the cheeks as well as high points of the face. So these are not all about the color.

For a lot more intensity, you can develop them up in layers…but you’ll requirement A LOT. To truly see these colors on my NC 42 skin, I have to develop up 4-6 layers (!), as well as not everybody is going to have the patience for that (myself included).

The glitter? have I pointed out there’s a lot? — since there’s a lot. The sparkly flecks are little (thank goodness), which is nice, however dang if they don’t do high kicks around my pores, indicating that I can see ’em, as well as they make my pores look larger than they are, grrr…

These likewise don’t last as long as I’d like — at least on my combination dry/oily/generally fussy cheeks. I end up having to reapply every couple of hours.

Oh, as well as there isn’t a twist-a-ma-bob or pushup doohickey in the packaging, so what you see is what you get in each of the domes.

The Body Shop’s new Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes ($16 each)
So, are these the bee’s knees or what?
I like the honey fragrance as well as exactly how simple these are to apply as well as blend, however I just don’t see myself working these into my daily rotation. I may utilize them from time to time, though… having to touchup so often makes them a tad as well high-maintenance for me. I appreciate delicate/nuanced/sheer makeup, however there are other products available that kinda do this exact same thing, as well as kinda do it much better (like the NARS Multiples).

With that said, I don’t believe these are poor at all, particularly if you…

Are trying to find a highlighter with barely any type of pigment whatsoever

Hella like glitter

Wouldn’t mind toting one of these around for regular touchups


If you’re great with all of the above, you’d most likely be wonderful on these cream highlighters.

Swatches of The Body shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes from the left in 01, 02 as well as 03 (for reference, I’m an NC 42 in MAC)
Wearing The Body shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes in 02 as well as 03 on my cheeks (that’s 5 layers!!), as well as 01 down the bridge of my nose
PRICE: $16 each, offered now in three shades
AVAILABILITY: offered now on the internet as well as at The Body Shop
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: Bee- (Get it…? LOL! I couldn’t resist.)

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